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Enquiry Support

We firmly believe that we should serve our clients with the “gold standard” for enquiry support. We have adopted a unique and proactive approach to achieve this by establishing a separate firm, Root2 Tax (Dispute Resolution) Limited, to provide dedicated enquiry support to new and existing clients. In doing so we have ensured that the best people possible are properly resourced and motivated to deal robustly with our clients’ enquiry support needs.

In addition to Root2 Tax (Dispute Resolution), we have escrow arrangements in place to ensure sufficient funds are available to support our engagement with clients.

These factors ensure that we are fully resourced, both financially and from a personnel perspective, to fulfil our enquiry support commitments in the most effective way (should the need arise). Further, it gives clients peace of mind regarding our long-term commitment to them, which has always been of fundamental importance to us as a firm.